December 26, 2009
I was been horrible to my tama but i got a mametchi again!
I was so fed up that i went to the tama shop and bought the spot costume so it no longer looks like a tamagotchi.

It looks like a dog!

If your wondering...

December 20, 2009
If anyone at Abbey Junior School saw me with a Mametchi on Friday 17th December and are wondering why I now have a Kikitchi it is because for some reason my tama reset its-self.

When it restarted its-self I got a girl about five times so I kept having to restart again.
I now have a boy again.
Is it true that boy tamas are rarer than girl tamas because all my friends have girls?

Growth Chart

December 20, 2009
Here is a Tamagotchi v6 (music star) growth chart.
I found it on tama talk.

If you dont know how it works this is it.
At the top there is a colour coded key.
The key is for the box each tama is in.
The first tome through a tamagotchi you will get a tama with a red dot next to it.
The second time through a tama you will get a tama with a blue dot next to it.
Big thanks to Tamastargirl for making this.

My Tamagotchi

December 20, 2009
So far I on my Tamagotchi music star I have a Kikitchi.
I think it looks cute but kinda evil.
To get a Kuchipatchi you dont need to look after your tama very well so I can be nasty to this evil monkey thing.

My Favourite Tama

December 20, 2009
Ok.My favourite tama is my far kuchipatchi.
The little green dude with the yellowy cheeks.
He is soooooo cute.
I have tamagotchi music star and I am working on getting him.
Do you like him?

 Here are some tama town codes.

Petitchi (boy)___RIKKI__C21D50B 5ADDF82
Kuribotchi_______GRANT__E2B0E59 434C21B
Kuchitamatchi____RIKKI__B636C29 189FB90
Kikitchi_________RENEE__B506A72 6E83729
Hinotamatchi_____JUANC__18A420D 1A18223
Nonopotchi_______RIKKI__F2A6542 5ACBF96
Mametchi_________MELMO__388B067 71D02CD
Kuromametchi_____RENEE__82A90E1 6BF61B6
Shimashimatchi___MELMO__8F1F506 059B5C1
Togetchi_________JADE___EED95D6 2D97ECA
Kuchipatchi______SORA?__10DA3C9 0A7DBBF
Dorotchi_________WAWA___79484D4 C002F3D
Tarakotchi_______MENG___8ED3D8C ECCAF32
Androtchi________RIKKI__D15CF80 47ACEC7
Gozarutchi_______MENG___9CAB5B6 AB80B43
Tosakatchi_______MEME___FAF9703 5BDEC30
Ojitchi__________MENG___0D53DAF A18FBC5
Rexitchi_________WAWA___FFA24A7 C301F44

Petitchi (girl)__RIKKI__846B92F 74FFD83
Hitodetchi_______RIKKI__9204F29 1299B0F
Tamatchi_________EQU____D67B1FC 33EF818
Chamametchi______WRATH__D9ED679 53A4DA3
Ichigotchi_______WRATH__1C3433A 0BF0BA8
Ringotchi________RIKKI__7276804 1896B94
Mimitchi_________OLGA!__54C5348 367DDC5
Chantotchi_______TOM!!__C1B716F 7631F43
Memetchi_________DG L___B6C2CB1 6AC7CC9
Makiko___________RACHE__700DB57 FB6A249
Violetchi________DANAN__A7BBCE3 680C5B6
Onputchi_________SOCKY__0203E6D 2E9192F
Sebiretchi_______RIKKI__C0E56C8 23AF8BC
Maidtchi_________MENG___D9428B7 C9E6D3E
Masktchi_________RIKKI__B07A8E7 1F8EAB4
Kunoitchi________WRATH__6BED793 52B8EB3
Otokitchi________TMGC!__358F73E 25538CE
Dangoobatchi_____OLGA!__A3DF22C 1C0E9C7

Dazzilitchi _____AARON__329e0c0 52230ce


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